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Professor Mac is standing on the launch tower waving to the camera with his white shuttle on the top of the rocket in the background 4

Designing a Launch Pad

I’m still in the process of preparing the assets for my new video which will explain the concept of Gravity. Assets are computer models of objects which you would find in the real world...

The rear of the space shuttle is shown with engines and a ring structure for attaching to a space station 2

Gravity with a Space Shuttle

I’ve been busy over the summer months preparing the assets for my new video which will explain gravity. It will take some months yet to have it ready for release but I...

Professor Mac is standing in front of a broken wall lying on the ground with the words "Professor Mac Explains Force" in large yellow text in the background. 14

What is Force?

  My video explaining force is now available. In it I explain the concept of force and the effect forces have on objects through a series of high quality animated experiments. Force...

Professor Mac is standing in front of hundreds of apples which have fallen from a bag onto the laboratory floor. 0

When the bag fails

Oops this is what happens when a bag holding a lot of apples fails – they fall to the ground with a loud bang. In my new video explaining force I have...

Mac is standing in front of a wall which has fractured into pieces on the laboratory floor as it fell over 2

What happened to this wall?

Blender fractured it that’s what! I have been modelling the fracture of a wall for my video explaining the concept of force. For this particular video shot I wanted to demonstrate that...

Professor Mac is examining a block of wood which is sitting on a reflective surface 0

Announcing new series of videos

I have just started working on a new series of videos. These videos will be between one and two minutes in length and quickly explain some basic concepts used in physics. As my...