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Newton’s Third Law

The rocket is shown high above the ground with different coloured force arrows on it 2

What are these force arrows?

In the final chapter of my video on Newton’s third law of motion I explain the forces active on a rocket during launch. The forces which enable the rocket to launch are a result...

The view is looking down from the camera on board the rocket during launch with smoke and fire visible from the rocket engine 0

Shoot for the stars

Here is the latest result from my animation of the rocket launch to be included in my next video on Newton’s Third Law of Motion. During the final scene of the video...

Mac sits in a red kart waving at the camera as he prepares to demonstrate Newton's third law of motion 0

How do you like my kart?

Hi. I’m making good progress on my latest video on Newton’s third law of motion. Chapter 1 is complete and I am about to start animation of chapter 2. This kart is...

Professor Mac is standing on a concrete floor and a red and blue arrow shows the forces acting on him and the floor 4

Feeling the force on my feet

Hi, Here is an image from my video on Newton’s third law of motion. When you are standing can you feel the force from the floor on your feet? Newton’s third law...