Welcome to my site “learnwithmac”.

I was born in Scotland and studied Aeronautical Engineering at the great learning institution that is Glasgow University. As a student I loved to study the work of engineers like Stephen Timoshenko.  His theoretical solutions to mechanics problems are a form of art – elegant equations predicting complex structural response.

I hope you enjoy my videos where I use animation to explain the laws of physics and the principles of engineering.  I hope this helps you to better understand the concepts you are learning in school, at university and personal study. I encourage you to learn through exploring a wide variety of media and I hope you find my site an enjoyable addition to your learning experience.

I value your feedback.  Let me know your thoughts on my videos, what you find particularly helpful, opportunities for improvement and topics which you would like me to cover in future.

You will find details on how to contact me by visiting the contact page.

All the best


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