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A solid grey steel plate is dropped into a tank of dark water giving a deep depression in the water surface 0

Modelling Water in Blender

Modelling water is a requirement for one of my new videos as water is central to the story. The video opens with a large lake surrounded by mountains and a blue sky...

Professor Mac is in his grey vehicle with a shipping container on the end of its hydraulic arm. He is lowering the shipping container onto a green rail freight wagon to demonstrate momentum. 2

Conservation of Momentum

In physics and engineering we use a law called the conservation of momentum to predict the motion of objects which are in a collision. We can also use it to design rocket...

Professor Mac is standing by his electronic drawing board with a screen behind him showing two blue circles explaining energy and work 0

Energy and Work – an Overview

In physics and engineering we use knowledge of a quantity called energy to understand nature and to design efficient machines and improve chemical processes. There are many different forms of energy. Some...

Professor Mac is shown floating in space with Earth in the background 3

Is There Gravity in Space?

As a child I used to wonder why astronauts could float about in space. I imagined the higher you went the lighter you got. That’s how birds were able to fly I...

The model of Professor Mac's grey lifting vehicle is carrying a red shipping container towards the water 1

Modelling in Blender

I’ve been working for over a year on preparing models for a new Professor Mac video. My normal approach is to keep the modelling as simple as possible so that I may...

Professor Mac is standing on a grey platform with a red arrow showing the pull of Earth acting on him 12

Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation

I have released my video explaining Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation. Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation explains that there is a gravitational force between all objects. This gravitational force is an attractive...