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Mac applies an unbalanced horizontal piston force to the block 21

Newton’s first law of motion

Hi and welcome to my tutorial on Newton’s first law of motion.  My video on Newton’s first law of motion explains how we may use the law to better understand the forces acting...


Keeping forces in balance

Work is progressing well on the first episode.  Here is a screen shot of Professor Mac explaining the forces on a block during the first episode of Newton’s Laws of Motion.


It’s all in an experiment

Work is progressing on episode one.  The latest screen shot shows Professor Mac preparing to conduct an experiment to demonstrate Newton’s first law of motion.

Professor Mac points to the text "Newton's First Law of Motion" 2

First episode revealed

The first episode of Learn with Mac has been revealed.  This is the first in a series of three episodes where Professor Mac explains Newton’s Laws of Motion.  These laws form the...