Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation

Professor Mac is standing on a grey platform with a red arrow showing the pull of Earth acting on him

The force of attraction of Earth on Professor Mac

I have released my video explaining Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation. Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation explains that there is a gravitational force between all objects. This gravitational force is an attractive force and is a result of objects with mass attracting each other.

This means that you and everything around you attracts each other. The larger the masses of the two objects, the larger the force of attraction. However the gravitational force between most objects is vey small due to the masses of the objects being relatively small. But there is one object so massive that you can feel the force of attraction between it and you, and that object is Earth.

The force of attraction between Earth and an object is known as the weight of the object. Weight is a force and therefore if you drop an object it will accelerate towards the Earth due to its weight. In my video I pose the question “If two apples are dropped from the same height above the ground, which apple will hit the ground first if one apple weighs ten times that of the other apple?”

What do you think will happen?

It is all explained in my video. So please have a look to find out which apple hits the ground first and see an amazing animated sequence as I blast off in my shuttle to explore if gravity exists in space.

I hope you enjoy it.




I teach physics and engineering through animation.

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    Thank you professor Mac

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    prof mac, are you thinking about making any merch? i would definitely buy some of that.

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    Really good video professor!!!

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    Thank you Professor Mac

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