Kart with extra oomph using Newton’s Third Law of Motion

I have just finished another chapter of my new video on Newton’s third law of motion. Here you see my kart set up to demonstrate how we may use Newton’s third law of motion to generate thrust and accelerate my kart to high velocity.

 Professor Mac is sitting in his red kart which is accelerating rearwards as a cylinder of compressed CO2 is discharged creating a white cloud

The cylinder contains pressurised CO2 which on release creates a rearwards thrust as a result of action and reaction forces. In my video I will explain in detail how this works.

All the animation was completed in Blender and used the smoke simulation feature to produce the visual effect of the CO2 being released from the cylinder. It is looking good.

I am now working on the final chapter of the video which explains how I use Newton’s third law of motion to launch my rocket.





I teach physics and engineering through animation.

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3 Responses

  1. sierra says:

    it teaches us kids a lot about newtons third law

  2. sherlin says:

    what a good example mac!!!!!!

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