Newton’s Third Law of Motion

Mac is looking at his rocket Mac01 with the words Newton's Third Law of Motion in red letters behind him to his left


Quickly learn Newton’s third law of motion….

Action and reaction forces. Simple to say but confusing to use.

Which force is the action force? Which force is the reaction force? How can an object accelerate if the action and reaction forces are equal and opposite to each other?


The solution …. Professor Mac’s Video eBook

In just over eleven minutes you will quickly learn how to master Newton’s third law of motion. With my video ebook on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac you will learn the secrets to using Newton’s third law of motion.

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What students say about my teaching material ….

“Thank you Mac. Your videos are the best!”

“You make awesome easy to understand learning material. I aced my test with it!! Thanks Professor Mac!”

“Absolutely amazing! Thank You very much for this information! This was explained much better than my Prof explained it.”

“Great book – I used it in my studies and it really helped me to understand quickly. I love Professor Mac!”


My video ebook ….

My video ebook contains over 25 high quality images and over eleven minutes of detailed animation. It is the only place where you will be able to see the full animation of Professor Mac conducting his experiments explaining Newton’s third law of motion. This includes an experiment where he accelerates a kart to high velocity using compressed gas. You will also join Professor Mac on his launch pad as he initiates a tense countdown to a spectacular launch of the rocket Mac1.

My video ebook combines high quality rendered images with easy to follow explanatory text as shown in the screenshot below. You can see more screenshots by following the link to iBooks.

Pages from Professor Mac's ebook on Newton's third law of motion are shown with two images of the kart



Beautifully rendered animation is embedded directly on the pages of the video ebook. This enables you to watch the videos of Professor Mac conduct his experiments from within the video ebook, making it easy for you to quickly understand the law.

Download now and prepare for your tests with confidence….

Wishing you every success in your studies.

Regards, Mac


An Example of the Animation in My Video eBook


Example animation


I teach physics and engineering through animation.

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