Video on Newton’s second law of motion

Hi and welcome to my video on Newton’s second law of motion.  The second law is one of three laws published by Sir Isaac Newton in 1687.

I start the video by introducing the law in the form F=ma and explaining each term in the equation and how we may use it to predict forces and accelerations of objects.  I then conduct three experiments using different forces to accelerate wooden blocks along a frictionless surface. By observing the positions of the blocks at one second intervals I’m able to demonstrate the way in which force and mass affect the acceleration of an object.

You can follow me as I use my tablet to work through examples of the use of the equation F=ma to predict the accelerations and forces acting on the blocks.

The video is available in high definition.  Once you start playing the video you can use the options at the bottom right of the video player to select a higher resolution format and to play it full screen.

You can also read my tutorial on the second law here where I provide further explanation of the second law.

I have now released an ebook which explains Newton’s second law of motion in five easy to understand steps. It is available in two versions; one for the iPhone and iPod touch and one for the iPad.  The ebook contains over eleven minutes of animation, a range of images, and questions with solutions so that you may check your understanding.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please follow the links below to the iBookstore where you may download a free sample or buy the full ebook.  You can also see a video of the contents of the ebook here.

Link to iPhone and iPod touch version:
Professor Mac Explains Newton's Second Law of Motion - Iain McGregor

Link to iPad version:
Professor Mac Explains Newton's Second Law of Motion - Iain McGregor




Video of Second Law of Motion


I teach physics and engineering through animation.

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35 Responses

  1. E. Decker says:

    Love the animations.

  2. Hi,

    Your video is very nice and informative i have learn many concept from your video thanks for sharing this types of video, Keep it up posting .

  3. janna says:

    This is the best website for me to learn on. Since I’m in 6th grade this gives me a greater advantage. Thanks professor!


  4. aditya says:

    you explain the best

  5. Bilal Ashraf Pervaiz says:

    Plz launch your Android app So that android buddies may also enjoy your videos…


    • The Professor says:

      Hi Bilal, Unfortunately Google doesn’t provide an option for me to supply books with embedded video at present but I will do this as soon as the option is available. Mac

  6. lamia says:

    HI sir
    YOUR explanation is the best
    I am not just understand but I love it too
    Please explain to me the friction force
    THanks a lot

    • The Professor says:

      Hi Lamia, thanks for your feedback. I haven’t made a video on friction force yet but it is on my list of possible topics for a future video. Have a look on YouTube at some of the other great educators there and see if you can find an explanation of friction force.

      Regards Mac

  7. Ray says:

    Prof, Can I learn physics in one month?



    • The Professor says:

      Hi Ray, you can learn a lot in one month. You should set a realistic scope for the amount you wish to learn. Physics is a very broad subject and so you can spend many years studying it.


  8. Ryo says:

    This is very cool……
    Hope to see more!!!
    Well done! This is so helpful…

  9. Aadil says:

    Cool animation , examples and explanation.It helped me for my exams>please do put more videos on physics

  10. Deven says:

    This is very useful. Thank you very much prof Mac

  11. john carter says:

    thnx for the vid thnx u verry much!!!

  12. dev says:

    professor that was cool .you are incredible.i am glad that i found ur vid 2 weeks before exam

  13. Moses Tembo says:

    Hi Prof Mac,

    Your videos are incredible. I wish Zambian science teachers/lecturers would present learning material that way.

  14. puneet says:

    wow wt a grat explanation……….

  15. BALU says:

    omg…! tat was excellent explanation..! thanks mate 🙂 🙂 keep on continuing the gud job ! MAC

  16. yahya says:

    hi prof. mac
    I am very glad to join your website.
    uctually nowadays I am very interesting to watch your vedio lessons about newtons laws of motion and I understood alot of experience and willy appreciate that your unforgettible work and I hope I’ll be a professor like you.
    thank you very much.

  17. jaime says:

    cool cool explaination.
    I like your teaching
    I will visit again

  18. mac student says:

    pretty cool explination

  1. June 10, 2019

    […] the scenes in which the Professor Mac videos have taken place have been somewhat limited in detail. My first few videos had Mac standing in an infinitely blue space. In my more recent videos I’ve started to use […]

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