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Professor Mac is holding a red apple 1

How much does an apple weigh?

I’m in the process of modelling some of the assets to be used in my new video. One of the assets is an apple and the picture shows the latest version of...

The rocket is shown high above the ground with different coloured force arrows on it 2

What are these force arrows?

In the final chapter of my video on Newton’s third law of motion I explain the forces active on a rocket during launch. The forces which enable the rocket to launch are a result...

Mac sits in a red kart waving at the camera as he prepares to demonstrate Newton's third law of motion 2

How do you like my kart?

Hi. I’m making good progress on my latest video on Newton’s third law of motion. Chapter 1 is complete and I am about to start animation of chapter 2. This kart is...

Professor Mac is standing next to a white and red model rocket 0

How do you like my rocket?

Hi I have been modelling the rocket to be used in my video on Newton’s third law of motion. Here it is being prepared for launch   and here is a close-up view....

Professor Mac is showing a spring balance supported vertically from a frame 0

Working on a spring balance

Hi.  I’m currently working on my next video which will explain how a spring balance measures force.  I will be discussing Hooke’s law as well as elasticity and demonstrate how to create...

Mac is looking at a large block sitting on the frictionless surface below a small block 3

What a big block!

I am using different sizes of block to show the relationship between force, mass and acceleration.  This is the latest screen shot from the video on Newton’s second law of motion. Mac

Coloured blocks are used to show the change in position of the wooden block 0

Pulling blocks is all in a day’s work

Here are some screen shots of me accelerating a block along a frictionless surface to demonstrate how forces accelerate objects.  The coloured blocks are snap-shots of the position of the wooden block at one second...