3..2..1…We have liftoff

I have just completed the animation of my rocket “mac 1” during liftoff.  You can see the rocket as it lifts off the launch pad in the image below.

The red and white rocket has just lifted off the launch pad with orange and white smoke coming from the engine

The animation uses the Blender smoke simulation capabilities with additional lighting to give the necessary glow of the rocket engine during full thrust.

The engine is designed to use Newton’s third law of motion to launch the rocket. In my ebook on the third law you will be able to see the details of the engine, including the engine mount, engine nozzle and black powder used as the fuel.

The full animation looks great and provides a powerful way to visualise Newton’s third law.



PS If you are interested in creating smoke simulations in Blender, I recommend the smoke tutorials by Andrew Price on his Blender Guru site.



I teach physics and engineering through animation.

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