Playing with springs is all in a day’s work

Hi.  Here is an image from my new video, which I’m currently developing, which explains the use of a spring balance to measure force.  You can see from the image that the new video will have a split screen format, which shows me as I add and remove masses from the spring balance as well as a close up view of the spring balance scale and a plot of the results of the experiment.  From this we will calculate the spring constant for the spring.


Mac adds masses to the spring balance and the increase in spring extension is measured with the scale



I teach physics and engineering through animation.

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4 Responses

  1. Rick says:

    Hi Prof!

    Thanks for the first two videos on Newton’s Laws. They were a great help explaining motion to my son. We hope to see the video for the third law soon.


  2. Chuck Boldwyn says:

    Hello Prof. Mac,
    I am a retired Physics & Chemistry Teacher & I have enjoyed your physics animations on Newton’s first 2 laws.
    I am looking forward to the video animation of his 3rd law, which I was unable to find. How many animations have you completed & where may I find them?
    I discovered your animations on YouTube.
    Your animations are superb!!!


    • The Professor says:

      Hi Chuck

      Thanks for your comments. I have only produced two videos to date and they may be found on my channel at YouTube . I will be producing a video on the third law in the near future.

      Regards Mac

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